Primary 6


We have 26 pupils in our class – 16 boys and 10 girls. Our teacher is Miss Ingram. Mrs Anderson and Mrs Smith have taken us for PE, Mr Park for Music, Miss Lynch for French and Mr Harris for Art. Miss McKendry was also in our class for 10 weeks.

Our topics this year have been ’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Scotland’ and ‘Body Systems’. They have all been fun. We turned our classroom into a ‘chocolate factory’. All the other classes visited. It was lots of fun. We want to do it again. We enjoyed making models based on the circulatory system. We looked at healthy eating and what you should have on your plate.

We have had a visit from Tom and Maggie who taught us some Doric songs. Les Wheeler told us about the Greig-Duncan collection of Doric songs. He taught us 2 of the songs ‘Tar the Yoll’ and ‘Queen Mary’. We wrote some more verses for the song. We also got to play his concertina. This term we are going to a rugby festival. Ross is coming in to teach us the skills we need. Rugby is a fun learning experience. It is a bit hard. It is fun playing the ‘finding Nemo’ game.

We have taken part in 2 concerts and 2 assemblies this year. The first concert was at Christmas time. We sang 2 songs by our-self ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ and ‘Marshmallow World’ . P5-7 then sang ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’. We then explained a little about the Commonwealth Games which are coming to Glasgow in the ‘Scottish Adventure’ concert. The concerts were creative. ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ was really hard to learn. Miss Ingram was very proud of us because we sang it so well.