Vision Values and Aims

Vision, Value and Aims

The vision, values and aims is what the setting aspires to be for all stakeholders.  It is a shared ethos of core values that should be built upon when making decisions about future improvement opportunities.  The aims change and evolve and are part of the self-evaluation process.

“Effective settings have a clear shared vision for what they would like their provision to be and what they want for the children in their care.  The vision should be based on the unique needs of your children and families in your setting.  Developing a vision that is co-created by us with children and families means that everyone is working together for the best interests of the children.  It is important to refresh the vision from time to time to ensure that it remains relevant to the community you work within.”

(Realising the Ambition, Education Scotland, 2020, p. 82)

Longside’s vision, values and aims are slightly adapted to fit in with our early years pedagogy. This has been been developed by all stakeholders (children, parents and staff).

Vision – to learn, to achieve and to grow.


Provide a safe, caring, stimulating environment for our children so they feel secure, valued, respected and included. 

Ensuring the physical, social, spiritual, mental and emotional health and well-being of all children, staff and parents are met. 

Quality experiences that provide an active learning environment that allows creativity, thought provoking idea’s and risk taking activities. 

To create a nursery which feels like a home-from-home so children feel calm and relaxed which is fundamental to their development.

To value and empower our children and staff by recognising and celebrating successes and effort.

To promote a culture of inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity.

Having opportunities to actively play and responsible roles at school and the wider community.

All children and families have a right to access our services and be welcomed as equal partners.