Primary 7

Ryan Kirsten
Liam Charlotte
Jake Claire
Danny Molly
Callan Tyler
Philemon Elle
Kieran Georgia
Calum Maya


Hello, we are P7 of Longside School. There are 20 children in our class 40% of us are boys (8) and 60% are girls (12). Our teacher is Mr Taylor. We are going on a class trip to Loch Insh on the 22nd of April 2014.

We have done a big fundraiser for hoodies to remember Loch Insh 2014. We had a disco and did a walk in our onesies from Longside to Mintlaw and back which is around 6 miles.

Our topics this year have been the Tudors and Stuarts, AberdeenCity and Shire and War and Conflict. For the Tudors and Stuarts we made posters to show the Stuart’s family tree and we learned a lot about Henry VIII.

For AberdeenCity and Shire we had a performance in front of parents and pupils. It was about an old couple called Jock and Betty who travel to the city to find out more about the culture. From there they took the bus from Union Street to Turriff, whilst on the bus they sing a re-written version of “Timber”.