Primary 3-4

Primary 3/4


Richie                     Katie                    Cole            Samantha             Ella

Merryn                 Gracie                   Scott           James                   Darcey

Mason                  Jessica                  Lois            Paulina                 Brodie

Joe                        Chloe                    Benjamin    Jake                      Nathan

Bethany                Ede                       Leah


Miss Boddington

Mrs Dyke

Mrs McSeveny

Term 1 Topic: Seas and Oceans

Term 2 Topic: Autumn/ James and the Giant Peach

Term 3 Topic: Famous Scottish people

Term 4 Topic: Human Body

‘I liked collecting leaves because I liked all the different colours.’

‘I enjoyed making our Seas and Oceans poster because it was fun.’

‘I really enjoyed reading James and the Giant Peach book by Roald Dahl as it was so good and funny.’

‘I like to write amazing stories.’

‘I enjoy making PowerPoint’s because it is really fun.’

‘My favourite thing to do in class is multiplication and division.’

‘We write the most magnificent stories.’

‘I liked it when we went exploring as it was very interesting.’

Did you know?

The heart is a muscle.

Alexander Graham bell was given the name Graham for his 11th birthday.

Robert Louis Stevenson was really ill but kept on writing.

Jelly fish are mostly made from water.

Robert burns used to be a farmer.

The liver does 500 jobs all at the same time.

The food we eat turns into a food milkshake inside our stomach.

Roald Dahl was Welsh.

Turtles think that plastic bags are jelly fish and can eat them.

A Puffer fish have to be cut up carefully when eaten because some parts are poisonous.