Primary 2

All About P2

Primary 2 at LongsideSchool is a happy, busy class full of enthusiastic children who are keen to learn with our teacher, Mrs Johnston! We are currently learning about our teeth because every day someone has a story about wobbly teeth and we want to know more about them! We enjoyed our Scotland topic and sang and spoke beautifully at the School’s Scottish concert in January. We love performing, like we did in our “P2 News at 2” assembly and at the Christmas concert! In class we are learning to take away and get better at our number bonds in maths, while in literacy we are working really hard to use good openers and connectives in our stories along with fantastic “Wow” words! We do lots of spelling activities to help us learn our spelling words! We are very creative and our walls are covered in things we have made, like out “catties tailie” thistles and our colour mixing pictures!

We have lots of different helpers who come into the class and we learn about science, music, drama and PE with other, specialist teachers.

What we think about our school:

“We all like school!”

“We are learning lots about teeth!”

“We love to read!”

“We love doing our maths!”

“We are good at getting on with our work!”

“We are good learners!”


We are: Alicia, Riley, Shaun, Ella, Brooke, Callen, Gregor, Callum, Christopher, Sophie, Aimee, Casey, Alyssa, Caitlyn, Rebecca, Dean, Corin, Aiden, Tanner, Tanner, Alisha, Elena, Madison and Dylan.